We have new spots available for our 2019 season! Read below for more information about our vegetable baskets. The season finishes mid-october.


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Our Services

Vegetable Baskets

Enjoy fresh vegetables delivered at a drop-off point near you. Seasonal memberships available.



We invite you to come directly at the farm to purchase your items. Follow us on social media to know when will be the grand opening. We're excited to see you. 

Bring your reusable bags!

Farmers market

Come see us every Saturday from 10:30 am - 12:30 at the Saywerville market! 


Vegetable Baskets

How It Works

We prepare your basket

Your basket is delivered

Enjoy fresh and local products

Why subscribe?

Local Farm

Becoming a member of our baskets means to encourage local agriculture. You have the opportunity to know directly where your vegetables come from and you also get to meet your market gardeners!

Zero Waste

Every week we will tell you through email what you will receive in your basket a few days in advance. This helps you plan your weekly meals but also helps you know which containers to bring. Another reason to become a member is to reduce the use of waste containers.

Quality and Quantity

You recieve fresh vegetables that have no trace of pesticides, herbicides nor any other chemical fertilizers. Plus, you have way more veggies for your money. We always make sure to give you 15% more than your local grocery store.

Help your Farmers to plan

By becoming a member before the season starts you help us plan our season to serve you better! This means better service, better veggies! 

Basket Size

Small Basket

20 $

Example: 600g patatoes, 2 cucumbers, 3 beets, 1 lettuce, 2 bell peppers, 150 g sweet peas, 1 bunch of carrots,1 bunch of fresh herbs

Regular Basket

25 $

Example: 600g patatoes, 2 cucumbers, 3 beets, 1 lettuce, 2 bell peppers, 300g sweet peas, 2 bunches of carrots,1 bunch of fresh herbs

Big basket

35 $

Example: 1.2 kg patatoes, 4 cucumbers, 3 beets, 2 lettuce, 2 bell peppers, 450g sweet peas, 2 bunches of carrots,1 bunch of fresh herbs herbs


Entire season 2019

18 weeks

18 Baskets total

When to pay :

Once you register

Small Basket 20$ : 360$ total

Regular 25 $ : 450 $ total

Big 35 $ : 630 $ total

*possible to pay in two transactions, write to us for more details.

Interact or cheque

Extra Information

  • While you pick up your basket at the delivery point, you have the possibility to switch one or two items.

  • If you leave for vacation and cannot come to the delivery point, we could give you a credit for the baskets you will be missing. Just let us know in advance by email.

  • A forgotten basket cannot be refunded.

  • Every week you will receive local, fresh, seasonal vegetables.

  • We offer between 10 and 14 vegetables but the quantities vary according to the veggies of the week and the size of basket that you chose.

  • Beginning of baskets : June for 18 weeks

  • All the products in your basket comes from our farm. Please note that sometimes we might have to buy some items from other local farms to complete your basket. You will be advised if that is the case.

  • *If you would like to have more information about our production methods, please see the section about organic certification.

* Visit the "Sustainable Development" section for more information about our production methods.

Delivery Points

At the farm

780 ch.Sawyerville, Cookshire-Eaton, J0B 3A0

*Note that you need to choose which day you want to pick up your basket

Enjoy a 5% rabate

Concept Ekilibre

405 rue de courcelette, Sherbrooke, J1H 3X4

Monday 4 - 6 pm


3385 rue King Ouest, Sherbrooke, J1L 1P8

Wednesday 3 - 4 pm

American Biltrite

200 Bank, Sherbrooke, QC, Canada J1H 4K3 

Thursday 3 - 4 pm


The Farm and Farmers

The Farm

The small harvest is a micro-farm located in a charming village in Sawyerville (Estrie).

We produce on 1 hectare in natural market gardening. 


Luc And Myriam

Thanks to the influence of his family, Luc dreams of starting a micro-farm it's been several years. He has a great interest in healthy eating, ecology and chickens. Myriam decided to join this amazing project! She has lots of talents that benefit the farm, loves nature and is ready to meet all challenges. She loves vegetables, people and her cat.


We both come from Montreal, that’s actually where we met! We are both determined and really excited for this great adventure. Our common interests and passions make us a solid team. Our intentions are to offer quality food by having a natural, local and responsible production. It’s essential for us not to use any harmful or chemical products that could harm humans and the environment. We also try to limit the use of non recyclable materials in all activities at the farm, especially plastic!

​We truly thank you in advance to encourage us to become the agricultural succession of tomorrow.





Sustainable development is a fundamental principal that guides all activities at the farm on a daily basis. Our desire is to create agricultural production that nourishes people and creates profit without creating environmental problems.

Here are some strategies to achieve this goal.


Natural production

This type of production guaranties a food production that limits the environmental impacts. We are committed not to use any pesticides, herbicides or any other chemicals. The plant varieties used are open-pollinated and are not genetically modified (GMOs). The fertilizers used are manure or compost produced directly on the farm. No synthetic (chemical) fertilizer is used on the farm. Animal breeding is absent from growth hormones and antibiotics and is done in compliance with them.

Local Production

The demand for fresh and local vegetables keeps on increasing with time. Transportation is an important factor to consider for any food production industry. For this reason and many others, our desire is to provide products to our local population.

 Zero Waste Company

Every farm business must manage the waste it produces in a responsible manner. At Small Harvest Farm, we aim to minimize the pollution of air, water and soil. To do so, we rely on the integration of agriculture and livestock activities so that the waste of one activity serves the other. For example, manure from poultry farming is reused as a fertilizer for plants. In contrast, crop residues of fruits and vegetables are used as food for chickens. To reduce water consumption, we irrigate our crops with rainwater collected and stored on site. This avoids depleting the reserves

You can find our products...

IGA Cookshire-Eaton

Café Boutique Saint-Laurent in Boucherville



La ferme / The farm : 780, chemin de Sawyerville, Sawyerville (Québec) J0B 3A0

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